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Is all about the ingredients.  We stock all types of flour, sugar, icing, colours, bun cases, cake toppers, sweets and so much more to create your favourite bakes.


Welcome to Scoops the Ingredients Shop

You can get everything at Scoops we are the charming, abundantly stocked ingredients shop on St. Michael Street in the heart of Malton – Yorkshire’s food capital.

With a selection of every type of spice, flour, cereal, rice, pasta, dried fruit, nut, sugar, pulse, bean, sweet and any dry store goods you can think of Scoops is the perfect ingredients shop for cooks. We have a good range of world cuisine ingredients too with Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian and others on offer.

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Scoops Ingredients Shop Malton
  • Flour • Yeast • Sugar • Baking Products • Cereal

  • Oats • Pulses • Pasta • Tinned Beans and Pulses

  • Nuts • Seeds • Grains • Dried Fruit

  • Over 100 Herbs and Spices

  • Rafi’s Curry and other World Foods

  • Jam • Honey • Condiments • Relishes

  • Teas • Coffees – Ground & Beans

  • Pick n Mix • Treats • Snacks • Chocolate

  • Sugar free • Gluten free • Fair-trade • Vegan

  • Organic • Dairy Free • Lots of Local Produce

  • Household Paper Goods • Cleaning Products

  • Refillable’s – bring your own containers

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Doing our bit for the environment

Bring your own containers

To help do your bit for the environment why not bring in your own containers.  Any container can be weighed any containers can be used including paper bags and cups, yoghurt pots, recycled plastic bags, bottles, jars, cardboard boxes, tupperwares and much more.

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