Rafi’s Bombay Potato Mix (Mild)


This is our ‘go to’ spice blend, which is fantastic with potatoes, but you can use it with any firm vegetables. It also makes the best popcorn flavouring ever!



Try it with: Green beans, carrots or cauliflower.

Shelf life & storage: The mix will last for up to 4 weeks in a fridge and for six months in a freezer. Once cooked the food will last for 2 days in a fridge and up to one month in a freezer

Cooking Instructions;
Boil 500g of potatoes (or a combination of firm vegetables) until cooked. Drain and leave to cool.
Gently heat 2 tbsp vegetable oil in large frying pan or wok.
Empty the pack into the pan with 1 large chopped onion and fry gently until the onion is soft and translucent.
Fold in the potatoes and stir well.
Season and add lemon juice to taste. Garnish with fresh chopped tomato and chopped coriander.

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